Tod Rated Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers 2016

Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

  • Smaller size and weight make the mower very comfortable to use, carry and store. Fits through narrower areas and around obstacles easier than larger mowers.
  • Quieter and less vibration than other electric mowers. (MUCH quieter than gas powered!)
  • Well-balanced handle has a soft padded grip, is height adjustable, and folds down instantly for storage.
  • Power switch requires two hands to start for extra safety, but then holding anywhere along the handlebar will keep it running.
  • Excellent height adjustment mechanism; large "gear shift style" control on top of mower moves smoothly and easily locks into the desired position.
    IMPORTANT: Move the control to its highest setting when you first start out; adjust one-step-a-time lower until you reach the desired cut.
  • No assembly required, boxed with no superfluous packaging.
  • Thoughtfully designed and solidly built. Compared to other brands of electric mowers, this guy is and excellent value; I'm impressed!

  • Reviews these four cordless electric mowers by user 2016

    By: sam s kleinsasser, on July 6, 2016
    As long as you ain't lazy this mower is all you need for a small to medium sized lawn got a medium lawn and all I need is half of my battery and I think the live of a lithium battery will depend on how you take care of it I got 2 ryobi batteries and they are 12 years old but I never leave em in the sun or store them on concrete and they still work great & with the lawnmower I'm happy with it so far if you wanna go real close to the ground well you can't it will not go real low the lowest setting is just right for cutting my lawn no problem no far cutt thick lawn one thing I found out was it pushes a little harder if your lawn is thicker and higher other than that I'm very happy with it so far

    By: Tara LG, on July 5, 2016
    This is an incredible machine. It's highly sustainable, super quiet, and efficient. We have a .25 acre lot, and it can get the job done with both batteries. Either way, I kind of like that it gives you a break now and then for a battery change. No fumes, no gasoline, no fuss if the batteries are charged. This is one of my favorite new "toys" I love to do yard work with my GreenWorks products, and especially love mowing with this machine. You can even talk with someone while you're running it...not a full on conversation, but the point is you can hear over it! We love this product!

    By: Razor, on July 5, 2016
    I've had this mower now for a little over half a year. I utilize it twice a month on average along with the weedwacker/edger and blower. I can do the front and back yard with all 3 components off of a single charge. For the mower, in particular, I'm very happy I went with electric. There have been times where I've had to adjust my cut schedule and I was ready to go after a quick charge. I have not experienced any problems with this lawnmower in either the mulching or grass catching settings. You can hear the motor work harder when necessary. With that said, if you are planning on cutting a lot that has not been tended to properly, this may not be for you. For regularly cutting a small to mid size lot, this will get the job done.

    By: Joel Simon, on June 28, 2016
    We have about an acre of land and for most of that, we use a ride-on mower. This mower is used for trim work and to cut the grass in our vegetable garden where the ride-on won't fit. For what we needed the mower, this one does the job. It cuts cleanly, is light weight (important since my wife is petite). Someone else wrote that the charge lasted only 15 minutes. The trim work for us requires about 45 minutes of use. We've never had problems running out of charge and, in fact, there's some charge left even after we've used it. I also like it comes with a mulching attachment so the rear bagger isn't necessary. Recharge time is reasonable. I think the mower would be ideal for a small yard; it's efficient and eco-friendly.